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Refund Policy

In case you are making a redeem without meeting certain criteria, we shall either process the redeem based on your history with us or require a security check before the redeem is processed. All applicable charges will be paid by the customer. The minimum that can be redeemed is 100 chips. Redeems will be processed as per the schedule mentioned in the Payment Process page. For availing a redeem, please write to us at support@i5poker.com with more information regarding the transaction. You can NOT claim a redeem for the chips that have been used up in playing or have already been redeemed. The redeem is applicable only for the balance number of chips available in your account. You can view the balance number of chips and any transactions in the Account Balance section in 'My Account' Menu option. If you have a specific question, please write to "support@i5poker.com" for further clarifications.

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