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A. We have gone through great lengths to ensure that we remain legal and the games offered on I5poker.com like Texas Holdem Poker are games which involve substantial skill.

The structure of the games offered on our web-site, which is our intellectual property, is duly supported by legislations and judicial pronouncements prevailing in India. In order to ensure that the manner in which we are offering games on our website is legal, we have got the same approved and verified by some of the leading legal jurists in India including Constitutional, Criminal and Corporate law firms and counsels.

Based upon our research, we believe that the games we offer are legal. The players are welcome to address any queries they may have by writing to our customer support.


A. We are supported in our view of the game of rummy being a game of skill and being completely legal by various judicial pronouncements and legislative enactments. There are a number of other websites as well which have been successfully conducting the game of Rummy for stake in India and they have relying upon the judicial precedents managed to overcome all legal impediments till date. This is however an ongoing process with litigations pending at various forums and we are keeping a close watch on the same. We ourselves also have a legal team working constantly on trying to ensure that there is more and more clarity and certainty in the laws qua gaming in India. We are also engaged in litigations to bring about this clarity in law and while the website has taken every precaution possible to remain absolutely legal, the players are advised to check their local laws if in doubt. We believe that we are legal based upon a catena of judgments of the Supreme Court of India starting from the Satyanarayan judgment of 1968 to the Laxmanan judgment in 1996 and the more recent judgments of various High Courts reiterating the stand. Apart from these judgments there are also legislations supporting the stand of the Company and as of today there is no restriction whatsoever from offering the aforementioned games. There are however a couple of judgments to the contrary including a recent judgment of the Chennai High Court and an opinion rendered by a Trial Court in Delhi, which are now pending before the higher forums and are under challenge. As things stand however, it would be safe to say that the games being offered by the company are legal in India and players playing on our website with or without stake are competing in a legal manner.


A. For any further questions or clarifications, please use the "contact us" option available on our website.

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