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Support / FAQ

Q. How to deposit money?

A. It's easy to deposit money on I5poker.com.

  • Create an account by filling up simple details.
  • Go to 'My Account' page.
  • Click on Buy & agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You can deposit an amount between the min & max. deposit limit. This will be shown to you on the Cash Deposit page.

Q. What is Deposit Bonus?

A. The bonus chips that are awarded to a player in addition to chips purchased by him on entering a bonus code at the time of transaction is known as Deposit Bonus. The bonus chips awarded are called "Unclaimed bonus chips" because one cannot use the unclaimed bonus chips to play in the real cash games. Once you accumulate loyalty points, the bonus chips will be unlocked automatically. To know more, visit our "Bonus Offers" Page.

Q. What are the various payment options available at I5poker.com?

A. I5poker.com accepts payments by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net banking & Ruy Pay Card.

Q. What is the min. & max. amount I can deposit?

A. The minimum deposit that you can make is INR 50. The maximum deposit amount is INR 50000.

Q. How do I get the money won on I5poker.com?

A. Receiving the money won on I5poker.com is easy. When you win any money on our real tables, the winning amount shall be credited to your I5poker.com chip balance immediately. You can check the same on 'My Account' section at any time. You can redeem this balance or a part of it by following the method given in the previous question.

Q. How to withdraw money?

A. You can withdraw all the money in your current Balance at any time as I5poker.com provides Express Redemptions. All Withdrawals will be treated as Express Redemptions and Amount will be deducted from your I5poker.com account instantly.

  • Go to My Profile page.
  • Click on Redeem & agree to the terms and conditions.
  • In the redeem page you can choose from two options -
  • By Cheque- If you wish to withdraw the money by a cheque. In that case, you will need to provide your address.
  • Online- You can choose this option if you want the money to be deposited in your account online. Here, you will need to provide

your Bank Account Number and IFSC Code. Note: Mobile Number Verification is compulsory for all users who make a redemption request.

Q. How do I change my bank account details on I5poker.com?

A. It's easy to change your bank account details on I5poker.com. Just mail your new account details on bank@i5poker.com & your account details will be updated within 24 hrs. Our customer support may request for some verification documents for the same to ensure complete safety and security for our users.

Q. Will there be a fees levied on withdrawal of money?

A. We do not levy any fees on withdrawal of money. However, if you are making a withdrawal without playing adequate number of hands on real cash tables, and fail to accumulate loyalty points equivalent to 12% of the requested withdrawal amount, a transaction fees of 7% of the deposits made or requested withdrawal amount (whichever is lower) will be levied for the first such offence. 10% transaction fees will be levied on the subsequent offences. Minimum transaction fees of Rs 100 will be levied in the cases where insufficient loyalty has been earned. The above mentioned 12% loyalty points will have to be earned by the player between the time of last Deposit or Last Withdrawal (whichever is later) and the time of current withdrawal request. I5poker.com also reserves the right to waive off this transaction fees on specific request from the user on a case to case basis.

Q. What will happen if my transaction gets failed and chips are not credited to my I5poker.com account? However, the money gets deducted from my bank account.

A. Please contact info@i5poker.com with the date and approximate time of your transaction immediately. Our operations team will look into the matter and fix your problem as soon as possible. If this happens on a weekend and you are not able to reach our customer support team immediately, please drop them a mail and they will revert back on the next working day. We make every effort to trace down incomplete transactions and retrieve the funds and we get complete support from our partner banks in doing this.

Q. What is the percentage of tax deducted when I convert my VIP chips back to REAL chips?

A. If your total winning is greater than 10000, a TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) equal to 30% is deducted when you convert your VIP chips back to REAL chips. Winnings in VIP chips are calculated as the amount in VIP chips minus the entire buy in (amount converted from Real to VIP).

Q. Do you still have doubts?

A. If you have any more queries, feel free to Contact Us. We are at your service on all working days. By Cheque- If you wish to withdraw the money by a cheque. In that case, you will need to provide your address.

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